Can I Get An Amen!? 🙌

Can I Get An Amen
Can I Get An Amen!?

This coming Sunday the scriptures are 1 Samuel 2:1-10 and John 1:43-51. Both are what are known as ‘call’ narratives.

In the first reading the boy Samuel hears a voice calling his name. He thinks it is Eli, a priest in the temple. This happens three times before Eli realizes that Samuel is hearing the voice of God. Finally, Eli tells Samuel to respond to the voice: “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

In John’s Gospel, Jesus finds Philip and simply says, “Follow me.” Philip then finds Nathanel and tells him to come and see Jesus.

That great resource Wikipedia tells us: “In contemporary African-American worship services, where call and response is pervasive, a pastor will call out to his congregants to engage an enthusiastic response. For example, “Can I get an Amen?” or “Raise your hands and give praise!” We use it ourselves as we respond to the scripture readings each Sunday. The reader says: “The Word of God for the people of God.” And we respond: “Thanks be to God.”

This past Sunday Rev. Dr. Jerry Maynard blessed us by asking if we are all in. He was calling us to respond. And we said, “Yes.” What did it mean for Samuel to say, “Yes”? What did it mean for Philip and Nathanel to say, “Yes”? What does it mean for us to say, Yes”? What does it mean for you?

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