As Resurrection embarks on a new era with our Senior Pastor, Reverend Elder Troy Treash having announced his intention to retire by August 31, 2023, we welcome you to this portion of our web site, where you will find current and periodically updated information about the search for Reverend Troy’s successor.

Please understand that we will provide as much information as possible and in as timely a manner as possible, within the bounds of the confidentiality agreement required by this process and to which we have all subscribed. We invite your questions and comments, and we covet your prayers.

Please use for all communications with or about this Committee and its process.


Your RMCC Pastoral Search Committee

Raymond Turner and Bill Russell; Co-Chairs; Terry Talley, Clerk/Recorder; Van English, Communications Specialist; Diann Thomason, Parliamentarian; Sharri McGlauthing, Member at-Large; Adan Garcia, Member at-Large



Because several applicants stated that they were still working on their applications as we approached the original November 1, 2023, deadline, and with the holiday season upon us, the Pastoral Search Committee voted to extend the application deadline to February 1, 2024

In the interim, the PSC continues to meet and communicate regularly to review and evaluate applicant’s materials as they are received. 

Please direct all questions, comments, and information on potential applicants to


When can we expect a new Senior Pastor to be in place?

We cannot be certain of the date at this point, especially since we extended the application deadline.  We would like to have a new Senior Pastor in place in the spring of 2024.

How was the Pastoral Search Committee formed?

The members of the committee were selected from the current Board and church members who applied.

What does the Pastoral Search Committee do?

The PSC’s purpose is to recruit, screen, and select candidates for the open Senior Pastor position. The committee’s general responsibilities include contacting potential candidates, conducting interviews, prayerful discernment, and narrowing down to the one candidate who would best fill the position, and recommending that candidate to the church to fill the Senior Pastor position.

Why does the PSC comprise only seven members?

Our By-Laws state: “The Pastoral Search Committee shall consist of no more than seven (7) members, and no less than five (5) members. The composition of the Pastoral Search Committee shall include two current members of the Board. The additional members of the Pastoral Search Committee shall be appointed by the Board from among the Members of the church who are not also current members of the Board.” 

Why is Reverend Troy leaving?  Was he fired? 

Reverend Troy and his husband Walter have been talking for some time about their plans after Troy is able to retire in the summer of 2024. Reverend Troy marked his tenth anniversary as Senior Pastor at Resurrection in March of 2023.  He was most certainly not fired.  His decision to retire and move to Walter’s hometown in Illinois is completely planned by Troy and his family. Ultimately, Troy and Walter were able to find and purchase a new home more quickly than anticipated; thus, Troy accelerated his retirement plans and left Resurrection in the summer of 2023.

How many candidates will be presented to the Congregation for election?

One candidate. 

Why only one candidate?

The PSC process, as approved by the MCC denomination and guided by appointed Elders, is designed to be so thorough as to attract only the best-fit applicants for the position. Those applicants will be evaluated with the utmost discernment, using the expressed desires of Resurrection distilled from your own survey results to the degree that the most successful applicant will naturally rise to the status of Candidate for election by the church membership. 

What if that one candidate fails to be elected by the Congregation?

The pastoral-search process will start over. An interim or “gap” pastor might be assigned to serve Resurrection temporarily during this time. 

Will the names of applicants be reported here?

No; the names and all other information regarding any and all applicants will be held in strict confidence by the PSC. The only name and other information regarding any applicant will be that of the sole Candidate presented to the Congregation for election.

Can the Congregation vote on the next Senior Pastor? 

If a pastor comes in to preach one Sunday and then the congregation votes on who would be the best fit.

Yes, the Congregation will vote on the next Senior Pastor at either the annual meeting or a special-called meeting for that purpose.  However, this will not be conducted in the manner suggested above.  We will be having guest preachers in the interim.  The Pastoral Search Committee, as prescribed and sanctioned by Resurrection and UFMCC, will advertise and distribute recruitment materials, will receive and review applications from interested parties, will narrow that pool of applicants to the ones who best fit our profile, and will interview a selection of those, from whom the ideal candidate will be chosen and presented to the Congregation for election to the position of Senior Pastor.  

Is Pastor Troy’s departure date September 2023 or 2024?  

Reverend Troy’s last day as Senior Pastor of Resurrection is August 31, 2023.  

What is the definition of a Gap Pastor and Interim Pastor? Do they do the same thing? Who pays for the Interim or Gap Pastor? How long will they be here?

A Gap Pastor is someone who fills in for as long as necessary until the Senior Pastor position is filled.  A Gap Pastor can choose to apply for the position of Senior Pastor.  An Interim Pastor is someone who specializes in serving a congregation for a specific period of time during the pastoral search process.  This person has been trained specifically for this type of circumstance.  The Interim Pastor is ineligible to apply for the position of Senior Pastor.  Resurrection will compensate the Gap or Interim Pastor.  The amount of time either will serve Resurrection remains to be determined.  

Pastoral Search Committee
Pastoral Search Committee
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