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Love is Still in the Air! | April 14th, 2024 @ 11 AM

Resurrection MCC

Resurrection MCC is about finding A Spiritual home

Resurrection MCC is a community of people from many spiritual and religious traditions, some of us with even no religious experience at all. That's what makes us different. We want to be a place where everyone belongs and can find a spiritual home that is founded in creating fellowship and family with others. Our community walks with you deeper and deeper into God's love. God is not finished with us yet and is creating us, loving us, comforting us, and challenging us every day.

Resurrection MCC is a diverse community

We experience the truth in that we don't have all the answers, but together, by fostering healthy discussions and sometimes through misunderstanding, can get closer to any truth together, than we can alone.

Even with our best intentions, we miss the mark as humans and name our imperfection. We work towards reconciliation. In the midst our discontent, fear and oppression, we rely on God's love, forgiveness, grace, and the call to get back up and try again.

Resurrection MCC
Resurrection MCC

Resurrection MCC is Grounded in jesus and growing in justice

We trust the breadth of God's creation as a model for embracing God's creation, creatures, and children. We are committed to being an anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming community that puts love into action. As Jesus' people, we follow the way to co-create God's kin-dom now celebrating our freedom as healed people, oppression abolished, and creation restored.

Deeper Truths

We see throughout scripture that God is more interested in right relationships than right beliefs - and that you can belong before you believe. The Bible is God-inspired both simple and complex, beautiful and challenging, history and metaphor. We dive deeper into the truths within and find ourselves alongside the journeys and stories lifting similar questions daring to go where the Spirit leads.

Resurrection MCC

Making real connections

Church for real people

Our church community seeks not to make people more religious but to help people fall more in love with God and become more fully human. We encourage spiritual practices like prayer, the arts, reading the Bible, participating in small groups, spending time outdoors, tithing, fasting, and many other activities - not because we have to earn God's grace but because they help us to engage the Spirit's imagination and live more fully into God's purpose.


Dreaming Forward Continued

Dreaming Forward Continued

Dreaming Forward Continued:Resurrection MCC Embraces Digital Ministry and Discipleship  I can’t wait to share some good news with you! We are growing our church following online in leaps and bounds.

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What a Joyful Noise!

What a Joyful Noise!

What a Joyful Noise!Although it has been a few days since the Gospel Ensemble graced us with their voices of praise and worship during the Continuing the Journey to Hallelujah

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Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Thoughts on a Rainy Day ☔

Thoughts on a Rainy DayIt’s raining—and although it’s a bit warmer than the last few days, it’s still gloomy. So, I’ve been musing. And remembering some moments from the past.

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