Where Does Your Power Come From?

Where Does Your Power

Where does your power come from? The answer is not as simple as it may seem. Last week taught us that we have come to rely more and more on our electric company to keep the power running in our homes, workplaces, and our places of worship.

Everything changes when we are without electricity, and staying safe and well takes on a whole new meaning and level. Many of our people, as well as our church building, have been without power for the past several days due to the recent weather events, and some people are still waiting for a resolution. In our city, we have weathered many storms, and this one took shape in its own way. Many trees were uprooted, and branches broken, more than we have seen in past storms. When we look out at the front yards of homes, apartment buildings, and local parks, we will likely be reminded of the magnitude of this past week’s storm.

Let us also be reminded of a greater source of power in our lives, one that we can rely on to help us be resilient during times of much interruption and loss. May the divine power of the Holy Spirit be with you through these next few weeks as you seek full restoration to your lives. May you find solace in knowing that we are all going through this time together and that you are not alone. Your church family cares about your safety and well-being. May the grace of God keep you! May the power of God watch over you!

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Rev. Denise Junious
Associate Pastor
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