Continue the Journey with Us! 🧭

Continue the Journey with Us
Continue the Journey with Us!

The beginning of a new month feels refreshing for me, especially now that February has arrived. 

February offers a time for us to honor the lives of African Americans who made significant and positive contributions, shaping all of our lives for the better. We honor the stories of real people with a history full of love, laughter, trials, and triumphs.

This month, let us imagine new realities of what it means to ring in freedom, as we usher in thoughts of new hope and big dreams about what is possible when we honor each other’s humanity. In the upcoming weeks, I encourage you to live courageously and allow God to use you in ways that make us all a better people. 

In the words of songwriter, Lenny Kravitz, “We are here to make a dream come true and together, that’s what we’ll do. We are here. We will change the time. Step by step, standing side by side.”

May this month offer you much love and joy!

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Rev. Denise
Associate Pastor
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