It’s a Season of Change at Resurrection MCC

It's a Season of Change
It’s a Season of Change!

Resurrection MCC is ushering in a season of change.

May we allow this time to help us reflect on how far we have come as a church, as well as how far we have yet to go to serve our community well. May this time of transition be one where we embrace with curiosity, a need for more self-care, and intentional positive growth. This was the message shared during the sermon on Sunday. If you missed it, watch it HERE.

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. We invite you to celebrate the history, achievements, and culture of Americans whose ancestry extends as far as Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

This month is also National Self-Improvement Month, a time for people to rethink their goals for experiencing holistic and positive changes physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

We invite everyone to come and say hello after worship service on Sept 10th, in the Gathering Place to welcome Pastor Candace. She will be coming to Houston for the very first time.  Let’s show her some good old-fashioned Southern hospitality!


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It's a Season of Change
Rev. Denise Junious
Associate Pastor
Resurrection MCC
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