Love Shows Up 💖

Love Shows Up
What does it mean to show up for someone you love? 

Showing up means being present and available to support someone when that person needs it most. It also means being attentive to their needs, actively listening, and surrounding the person with fearless love. 

Like Jesus, who showed up for his friends, we can show up for each other in ways that help us all to feel safe, secure, and loved. This past Sunday, Rev. Willie White encouraged us all to be the Resurrected people, who show up for our beloved community. You may listen to the sermon HERE.

This upcoming week, we will celebrate 52 years of showing up for our people. We begin the weekend celebrations on Saturday, April 20, with an anniversary dinner and dance party, and we want you to show up with your friends and loved ones. 

Let us make this a joyous occasion and be reminded that Love is still in the air. Love overcomes hate. Love overcomes all things. Love wins!

Get your tickets! And join me on the dance floor!

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Rev. Denise Junious
Associate Pastor
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