Rejoice, Beloveds!

Rejoice! Yes, God loves you the most. Not with a love that diminishes the worth of others, but with a love that expands like the Universe, embracing every soul, every cry for justice, every whispered hope. This love is the foundation of our joy, the fuel that propels us to action, the light that guides us through the shadows.

For true joy is not found in a world of perfect presents and frosted gingerbread. It’s found in the struggle for justice, in the outstretched hand that lifts the fallen, in the voice raised against oppression. It’s found in the echo of John the Baptist’s cry, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” It’s found in the understanding that our own salvation is inextricably linked to the liberation of all.
This is the Christmas we are called to prepare for – a Christmas where carols mingle with the chants of protestors, where feasts are shared with the hungry, where joyful hymns are sung in the streets alongside calls for equality. This is the Christmas where God’s love, burning brightly within us, illuminates the path to a world made whole.

So, let us rejoice, Resurrection, not with empty merriment, but with the righteous joy of those who know God’s love. Let us open our hearts wider than ever before, letting it spill out onto the streets, into our communities, into the lives of those who yearn for justice and compassion. Let us be the light that dispels darkness, the hands that build bridges, the voices that sing of hope and freedom.

This Christmas, let us prepare the way for a baby in a manger, and for a world bathed in the radiant light of God’s love, a world where justice and joy dance hand-in-hand, a world where all are truly beloved.

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Blessings on your journey to Christmas,
Veronique & Maria Walker
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