The Fires of Pentecost

The Fires of Pentecost
The Fires of Pentecost 🔥
Celebrating the Good Works of Joel Hammett
I had fun last Sunday thinking about the apostle Paul searching for a Macedonian man per his vision and finding Lydia, the seller of purple cloth, among the women at the riverside prayer group in Philippi. Perhaps the Spirit knew something about Lydia that Paul didn’t. Enjoy last Sunday’s worship HERE.  

Pentecost celebration is this Sunday! We have been following the stories of the early Jesus movement spurred by Pentecost that kept including new people. Also on Pentecost, we will be celebrating Joel Hammett’s 40-year anniversary as a musician for Resurrection. There will be a reception honoring Joel following worship. Join us to celebrate his wonderfully faithful ministry!
Our seven-member Pastoral Search Committee has been appointed and includes church members Adan Garcia, Terry Talley, William Russell, Diann Thomason, and Van English; along with board members Sharri McGlauthing and Raymond Turner. You can reach the search team at Next, be sure to look for and participate in the congregational survey that will be active May 28—June 4, and the subsequent Town Hall meeting that will include a summary of the results on June 11, 12:30pm. 

Also look for our Sharing Our Pride activities in a Pride-dedicated Mobilizer with serving, dancing, remembering, marching, worshipping, and giving together! Just a heads up that our first Pride activity is requested by Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston to prepare homebound elders for hurricane season. They need volunteers the morning of June 3 to pick up the hurricane kits and deliver them that day to those who need them. Do you have a car? Can you bring a friend to help? Find out more HERE.

With anticipation,

Rev. Troy

PS: Be sure you register for Casino Night at Neon Boots this coming 6/3 from 3 pm – 8 pm. We have the honor of being selected as a beneficiary of the Texas United Charities who serve the LGBTQ+ Houston Community. Tickets are $30 at the door and will give you 1,000 in chips and a pasta dinner. 
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