You Will Know One When You See One

What is a Blessing?

What is a Blessing?

What is a blessing? As one author wrote, “You will know one when you see one.” I believe we all have been witnesses of God’s blessing upon this church, in the form of Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, better known as “Pastor Candace.”

For the past six months, Pastor Candace shared her love of God with us, and we received her blessing and gift of great wisdom through her pastoral leadership and presence.

Thank you, Pastor Candace, for the unconditional love you showed us. Thank you for travelling all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida, to walk with us on the journey toward love and hope. We appreciate all that you and Barbara sacrificed so that we could experience the promise of God’s love through your voice in the sanctuary each week. You are already missed!

To hear Pastor Candace’s last sermon at Resurrection, listen HEREIn the upcoming weeks, we will continue the season of Lent with a new theme: “Remembering Who and Whose You Are.”

We will do as Pastor Candace suggested, and that is, we will love foolishly, remembering that we are all God’s beloveds.

Blessings beloveds,

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Rev Denise Junious
Associate Pastor
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